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Chad Sansing

Chad Sansing teaches humanities at the Community Public Charter School (CPCS) in Charlottesville, VA, where he served as the founding head teacher during the 2008-09 school year. CPCS is part of the Albemarle County Public Schools . CPCS is in its second year of existence. It's Virginia's third charter school and the state's first true start-up charter school. Chad is a NBCT and NETS*T certified teacher. He blogs about reforming classroom practice at Classroots.org and Cooperative Catalyst , and less frequently contributes to The Edurati Review . He also co-moderates Edutopia's Charter Schools Group .

Chad's primary educational interests include 1:1 education, authentic learning, blended instruction, the charter movement, democratic education, joyful learning, learning through games, learning through social media, project-based learning, school choice, service-learning, student entrepreneurship, and virtual schools.

Chad's Twitter ID is @chadsansing and he can be found there, on several Ning's including the ECN & PLN Nings, and via email .

Deven Black

Prior to becoming a full-time teacher Deven dropped out of two different high schools and college. He worked in radio as a news reporter and talk-show host, as a newspaper reporter, a political organizer, an advertising copywriter, a bartender and as a restaurant manager before eventually getting his BS and MS degrees as an adult.

Deven's first experience as a teacher came as a volunteer in the Alternative Learning Project in Barnstable (MA) High School in 1977. This was the start of his long-running attempt to answer the question of why the high school teaching he received was so much less interesting and engaging than his middle school experience.

You can reach Deven on Twitter where he is known as @spedteacher or by email .

Deven blogs at Education on the Plate